Adriana Feraru’s paintings, Mind Mirrors, litterally have a life of their own.

The ancient Romans developped a religious belif in the animistic propretis of objects whether they be tree, animal, or unknow substance.They believed these entities to have
A life force contained within them that somehow equalled the spirit in man himself.
This allowed them to create objects of worship from the most mundane.

The paintings of Adriana Feraru also have an extraordinary indwelling or presiding spirit, that of the divine. A source of life created with the artist to present a communication of divine spirit through an amazing combination of unique color and line.

Line which is originally a depiction of the human body which is now transfirmed into pure energy.
Color, which is due to the artist’s level of awareness, is also a life form in the mode of apparent painting.

The artist’s lifelng search and study of all things sacred has surfaced in these paintings as a new creature of the art word never before held. The idea of the inherent existence of something of a higher order contained in these physical manifestations recognized as paintings have created a phenomenal new type of contemporary painting.

The ultimate gift of a works of art is fullfiled in the numinous paintings of Adriana Feraru.
She had created a new idol. The abstract painting which offers the viewer a shelter from the storm of everyday life and a glimpse of blistfull but stimulating nirvana.

Ronald Sosinski

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